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Community Venture Network (CVN)

The Community Venture Network was founded in 1991 to foster a relationship between growing businesses and rural communities throughout the Midwest.  It was bought by Justin Erickson in 2005 and is now a part of the Rural Development Alliance. CVN works on behalf of communities throughout the Midwest to help them form relationships with businesses that might otherwise not find them.

For Communities
The Community Venture Network combines a broad range of sophisticated public and private financing tools to create vital links between growth oriented communities and expanding businesses. Our program  has resulted in meeting the expansion needs of many businesses while helping communities create hundreds of new jobs across the Midwest.

For Businesses
The Community Venture Network is dedicated to successfully facilitating your company’s strategic growth. We manage a consortium of Midwest communities seeking to promote development within their communities. The communities we represent have a range of resources at their disposal, including business development loan and grant programs. We help facilitate the entire expansion/relocation project between company and community.

For more information, please check out the Community Venture Network website.

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